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China’s Ai Weiwei to Show at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

15 August 2011 11:34

Sept 23 – Oct 30, 2011

The Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art is proud to announce the participation of Ai Weiwei, the prominent Chinese dissident artist, who will exhibit his video, "Beijing: The Second Ring", (2005). This artwork documents the two opposite views of traffic flow on the 33 bridges along Beijing’s Second Ring Road. The artist films each side (direction) of each bridge for 1 minute, which means 2 minutes for each bridge. The entire work is made of 66 segments (1 hour and 6 minutes).

Whereas the artist’s ``Beijing: The Third Ring’’ was shot on sunny days, the segments for this
film were made on cloudy days. The act of recording is minimal, focusing on observation and
the nature of time. The film documents Beijing’s historic aspects, its modern development
and 13 million people, the mass transport, and urban reality. Ring roads are important urban
transport elements in Beijing.

Ai Weiwei is one of the most diverse artists of our days. His fields of interest include architecture, design, art, curatorial work, writing, publishing and much more. Ai Weiwei continuously calls for protection of human rights. When in 2008 thousands of school children died in an earthquake in the Chinese province of Sichuan, the government tried to cover up the circumstances leading to the collapse of the schools (government buildings had for some reason not suffered such a fate). Ai Weiwei’s major work ``Remembering,’’ consisted of 9,000 children backpacks attached to the façade of Haus der Kunst in Munich, and which formed the Chinese sentence a mother uttered upon seeing her dead child’s body: “She happily lived on this planet for seven years.”

About the Moscow Biennale
On September 23 the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia’s most prestigious contemporary art event, opens its fourth edition. Titled “Rewriting Worlds,’’ it will run until October 30 and features 64 artists and 16 groups of artists from 33 countries. The Moscow
Biennale will be curated by Peter Weibel, Director of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in arlsruhe, Germany.

The main project will be located at two venues — the ARTPLAY Design Center, and the TSUM Art Foundation, both in central Moscow. There will also be 6 special guests, as well as 69 special projects and parallel program at different venues. The Biennale expands its geographic boundaries beyond Moscow, with special projects planned in Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kiev, and London.



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23 September – 30 October 2011

ARTPLAY Design Center
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