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Media Impact. International Festival of Activist Art.

Media Impact. International Festival of Activist Art.

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ARTPLAY Design Center
24 september 2011 — 10 october 2011

ZHIR gallery & ARTPLAY centre present

Media Impact. International Festival of Activist Art

supported by Pop Up Museum

Today, we witness important changes in Russian contemporary art. Artists come out from studios, museums and galleries to make interventions in the streets and online social networks. They take part in different forms of social activism from political to ecological actions, community work. The new type of artists emerging call themselves activists: no analogues to that had been known in Russian art before. They refuse to work with institutions, search for their own forms of artistic existence, cooperate with subcultures and social movements.

It is obvious that now, during an epoch of the General information the Internet became that communication medium which successfully resists to a propaganda announcement of official and commercial mass-media and creates possibility of existence of the international network of the media activists.

Activists employ different tactics of dominating culture, use public spaces to create individual messages transforming them into private spaces. Some activists cling to ecologically responsible ethical and practical codes, to criteria of sustainability. They rise from anarcho-utopian principle of "direct action" proclaimed in 1960's to substitute the present burocratic system by free expression of the will of creative individuals and groups. Does fighting or ignoring the system lead to real changes? Is it possible to influence the process of finding a balance between political and commercial values and other human interests in society? Finding an answer to this question is one of the main tasks of the project.

The polemics concerning definition of art and the role of artists in society is rapidly expanding. Now we envision the necessity to develop the theoretical platform of this new art, to start a new discoursive stage. That is only possible from within art situation, through direct participation of its key figures but basing on traditions of contemporary theories and international experience.

Tradition of art-activism has a long international history. The festival involves Western artists and theoreticians such as pioneers of tactical media from USA  groups Gran Fury, Silence=Death Collective and The Yes Men. Curator and theoretician of  American activism Nina Felshin, american mediaactivist Andrew Boyd, Polish artists Rafal Betlejewski, international activistic collective Organ kritischer Kunst, Greek tandem Kavecsprojects will  participate with workshops and performances in person to exchange experiences and ideas with young art-activists from Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Perm.

The project presents a variety of forms and communication strategies of activism such as community-based art, ecology and cultural heritage, politics, tactical media, music of protest and environmental art.  Workshop and discussion program, as well as the final exhibition, will take place in ARTPLAY Center.

International collective Kom.post will attend workshops and urban interventions and realize interviews to create a webserie showed as a constantly updated webinstallation. During the exhibition Kom.post will propose a sensitive methodology - the Shared Factory - that gathers roundtable discussion with artists, activists, theoreticians, and visitors in order to offer the direct and interpersonal IMPACT of this special moment.

The festival ends with the section devoted to tactical media within the framework of the International simposium «PRO@CONTRA 2011» organized my “MediaArtLab” Centre for Arts and Culture supported by ARTPLAY Centre.

Curated by
Tatiana Volkova  (RU)


  • Anna Dikovich (RU)
  • Roman Minaev (RU)
  • Arseniy Sergeev (RU)

Architect: Maria Kalinina  (RU)

Coordinator: Anastasia Shishkova and Elia Kulchitskaya (RU)



  • Affinity group (RU)
  • Agenda Collective  and Alexander Wolodarskiy (RU - UKR)
  • Art_ buzz group (RU)
  • Rafal Betlejewski ( PL)
  • Alina and Jeff Blumis (US)
  • Yevgenia Belorusetz (UKR)
  • Bombily group (RU)
  • Andrew Boyd (US)
  • Ivan Brajkin (RU)
  • Dmitry Bulnygin (RU)
  • Vlad Chizhenkov (RU)
  • Yevgeniy Fiks (US)
  • Factory of Found Clothes group (RU)
  • Gran Fury group (US)
  • Evgenia Demina (RU)
  • Sofia Gavrilova (RU)
  • Ekaterina Emlyanova (RU)
  • Konstantin Eremenko (RU)
  • Alexander Zhunev (RU)
  • DSPA  group (Russia)
  • Alexey Ersh and Tania Kuznetsova (RU)
  • Kavecsprojects (Gr)
  • Sabina Keric and Yvonne Bayer ( DE)
  • Kiss my Ba group (RU)
  • Krovostok group (RU)
  • Daria Kirilova (RU)
  • Verica  Kovacevska (MK-CH)
  • Matvei Krylov (RU)
  • Laboratory of Poetical Actionism (RU)
  • Make (RU)
  • Victoria Lomasko (RU)
  • Mikhail Maksimov (RU)
  • Evgenia Mikheeva (RU)
  • Denis Mustafin (Moscow)
  • Marina Naprushkina (DE)
  • Ne S Ruki group (RU)
  • Noart gallery (RU)
  • Ovosham.net group (RU)
  • OPA group (MK)
  • Organ kritischer Kunst and Paint Syndicate (DE)
  • Pakhom (RU)
  • Pasha 183 (RU)
  • Anastasia Potemkina (RU)
  • PG group (RU)
  • Elena Prislonova (RU)
  • Anastasiya Ryabova and Elena Martynova (RU)
  • Alexander Raevskiy (MD)
  • Silence=Death Collective (USA)
  • Eugen Shevelenko (UKR)
  • Denis Solopov (RU)
  • Dmitry Spirin and Tarakany group (RU)
  • Vasily Shumov (RU)
  • Joulia Strauss & Moritz Mattern (DE)
  • SVOI 2000 group (RU)
  • Edward Tarletski (Madame Zhu Zhu) (PL)
  • Tim Radya (RU)
  • Chryssa Tsampazi (GR)
  • ZIP group (RU)
  • Voina Group (RU)
  • Dmitry Volodin (RU)
  • The Yes Men group (USA)
  • Zasada Zetkin group (RU)
  • Olga Zovskaya (RU)
  • Zvetafor group (RU)


  • Andrew Boyd (US)
  • Nina Felshin (US)
  • Pablo Hermann (DE)
  • Robert Huber (DE)
  • Kostis Stafylakis (GR)
  • Peter Weibel (DE)

Kom.post team (FR):

  • Camille Louis
  • Laurie Bellanca
  • Jennifer Bonn


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